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Really like this game, such a polished and addictive puzzle game! One thing I do wish is there was an undo button to undo moves!

I added it to my collection. Is that okay for now, or do I actually have to download it to count as having "gotten" it?

I think that adding it to the collection doesn't add the game to your library; however, you can start a download and cancel it right after that to add it to the library.

If you cannot download it right now, don't worry too much - the game will be free to download past the end of this year :)

Game looks great! I get an error when trying to DL it through the Itch app though, and it's not giving me a download when I click the Windows button here. Any suggestions?

This sounds really weird, thanks for the heads up! Are you getting the same error when trying to download using the website?

It's fun to play, but terribly inconsistent.  One minute they're saying it's a virus, and the next they're calling it a bacteria.  It seems like the developer doesn't know that bacteria and viruses are two very different things.

This is a great game overall. Every move can be useful depending on the circumstances, and the game introduced new mechanics at a good pace.

The enemies spawning during combat never feel too unfair, and the final boss isn't too unbalanced (beat first try with only Lisa left with 1 HP).

If you're interested, I can help you translate the game to French; I'm a native French speaker and would love to contribute!

Thank you so much, glad you enjoyed the game :) 
For now we're discussing potential translations internally, but we'll let you know once we decide on something :)

I'm really excited to play this on my twitch stream soon if you or anyone else would like to hop in to check it out live or a past broadcast find me over on twitch - Binnibunni

Even without pulling it up it looks really cute and I'm very excited to give it a try and maybe give some feedback! Already hope that development is going well for you and any team you might have!

Thanks, we'll check it out :)

The game is a lot of fun, being a fox fanatic helps. I would like to point out that a bug exists when you transition from gameplay to cutscene. I like using the Space Bar to move through the story, but the very first scene will always make you Mouse click. The Space Bar works fine after that initial press. If I run into anything else, I will post on here.

Hi, thanks for the heads up - the game currently doesn't support keyboard controls properly, but that's something we'll definitely look at in the future :)

I had lots of fun playing. I really enjoyed the "into the breach" like gameplay, topped with great narrative and graphics. I've been following your work since playing Golf Peaks on PGA a few years ago and I enjoyed every game so far, keep on doing the good work!

Thank you so much :) Glad you enjoyed After Midnight and thanks for dropping by our booth at PGA!

круто, что есть история, вполне сносная анимация, но для меня немного скучновато


great that it have a story, quite passable animation, but it a little boring for me

Thanks for playing our game; the early stages are a bit slow as we're easing you into mechanics, but around Chapter 4-5 battle difficulty starts really picking up :)

Having a great time with this so far. The "eek" sound effect for Maria is delightful, I'm rooting for her all the way!


Thank you, glad to hear you're enjoying it! :)



This is the full version of the game and it will be released in Spanish

posdata a la version de 32 bit porfa no me funciona en mi computadora

Oh and also if you'd like to have a free russian language translator then here I am ready to translate stuff for you

Please, and I mean please, release it for ubuntu! Maybe I'm the only furry that uses linux, but it just doesn't work with wine and I want to play it

Hi, with version 1.1 we released a Linux build; hope it works fine :)

Oh thanks, by the way, how much does it cost to make such a game?

Hard to estimate, though it took us around 3-4 months to develop it.

Fun beta, those viruses were not ready for furries. :) 


Thanks for trying it out :)


It's a fun game.. can't wait to see the full release. :)

It looks pretty cute!
The design its awesome, looking forward the full release!

If you are interested in getting your game translated into Latin America's Spanish, please, let me know, I'm highly interested in doing so!


Thanks! For the release we only plan to support Polish and English due to the size of the script and some technical stuff, but we might think about other languages in the future :)


Sorry for the late reply,  and actually, thanks for your reply!

If you are interested sometime down the road to get the game (or anything else like storefront information, webpages, and such) localized/translated, please, hit me up :)!


That's very kind of you, thanks :)