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Hi, would you consider releasing the Android APK on

This game is pretty chill and I like it

Really excited to play this! I got it on the Bundle for Racial Justice and saw that recommended it on their Best Short Games of 2019. Unfortunately, I'm unable to open the app on my Mac w/ Catalina. I've tried accessing the but the website seems to be down. I've also tried replicating other commenters' "chmod" and "sudo" solutions, but they're all variations on one another and none of them seem to work in my terminal, I've tried my own variations to no avail as well. In addition, simply "control+clicking -> open" doesn't work. I saw that you were in the process on getting notarized, is this something you are still working on? Would you have an updated temporary solution? Thank you! 


Fun little game that reminds me of Kirby's Dream Course for the SNES, but with a bit of a twist.

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Love the concept. The art is simple but lovely, the controls are smooth, and so far the levels have felt like just the right amount of challenge. Though I've had a couple levels (5-7 and 6-7) that I completed with extra actions left over, and I'm not sure that was supposed to happen.


Hi, glad you enjoyed the game! In some levels (like the ones you mentioned) we added some extra cards to make the difficulty flow a bit smoother since we noticed that original solutions in these were a bit too tricky - but if you found the quicker way to exit that level consider it to be a secret of sorts :)

Love the minimal art and relaxing music. Very smooth difficulty curve as well.

Thanks, glad you had fun with it :)

Had a very chill time in these stressful period we’re living. I’m quite bad so I didn’t get very far. I also added it in a little bundle review about relaxing puzzle games.

Hi, thanks a bunch for including us in the bundle, appreciate it :)

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Just finished all 121 levels. A truly excellent puzzle game. While the visual presentation isn't all that striking at a first glance, it allows for an amazing level of overview of each puzzle. The mechanics that are employed are also masterfully executed, each new one including a new element that combines with all others. And while some of them can be frustrating in certain puzzles I don't think I found any one mechanic that I outright disliked per se as opposed to just in certain puzzles. A truly remarkable game.

Thank you so much for the kind review :)

This is SO much fun.

Thank you, glad you enjoy it :)

Great game but I can't find where the save files are located?


Hi, files from the version of the game on Windows should be located in:
C:\Users\<YOUR_USER_NAME>\AppData\LocalLow\Afterburn\Golf Peaks in the SaveData.es3 file. 

Maybe it's my setup, but my Xbox One Controller on Windows 10 can't seem to exit the game with the start button. Is this a known issue? I can exit a level with the start button, but it won't quit the game from the main menu. I have to use my mouse to actually exit the game.

Hi, if I remember correctly the Start button should open up a "are you sure you want to quit?" prompt in the main menu, but you should also be able to navigate to the "Quit Game" button on the left side of the screen using the controller.

Thanks-- the escape key does this, but pressing the start button doesn't do anything from the main menu. I can see that it knows the button is pressed as it will change the input icons if a keyboard key is pressed beforehand. Can't seem to navigate to the button, either, if you navigate left using the analog stick or the dpad, it only moves the level selection to the left, but the menu items can't be selected via the gamepad. The start button will exit a level properly, though.

Hi, thanks for reporting that bug. I uploaded a new version (3.11) - can you check if that one works properly?

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Okay, so I thought the problem still existed, even after reinstalling the game (through that option in the itch client), but I just uninstalled the game and installed it fresh, and it seems to be fixed! I was able to exit using the gamepad. Thank you, and keep up the excellent work. Really enjoying your game.

Thanks, glad to hear it works now :)

Fantastic game.  Just finished all levels, loved getting a new mechanic in most new worlds.  Great ramp up from a simple level 1 on each world, to something more complex by the end.  The final 3-4 puzzles of each world are the real challenge, and I personally found 9-12 to be the hardest


Thanks, happy to hear you enjoyed Golf Peaks so much :)

An instant classic! One of the best puzzle games in a long time. Steady increasing difficulty and new inventive mechanics have you keep your eye on the ball.

Thank you, glad you had fun with Golf Peaks :)

Finished it just atm, 121/121 ;)

Congrats! :)

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Hi there! I picked up Golf Peaks through the massive itch bundle and I had to stop by to say: I loved this game. Such an interesting premise, and the introduction of he mechanics is super smooth. I love how it looks, how it sounds, how it plays... all of it! I only really struggled with 2 puzzles out of the core 90, which is amazing (because I'm not the best at these kinds of games). I was only intending to try the game, and then stayed up too late just to get through it all!

Y'all should be really proud of what you made here.

I've attached my playthrough video if you're at all interested.

Thanks for including the stream footage, always happy to see people enjoying the experience :)

I know it's not supported, but for anyone curious, I was able to play the Windows version using Wine on Linux, although when the window lost focus it couldn't gain focus again.

excellent concept and a fun little game!

Happy to hear you enjoyed the game :)

I really enjoy this game


Thanks, glad to hear :)

Cool game. Would you consider publishing in China with it?

Only just started playing it but I'm constantly getting reminded of them good ol' flash games. Introducting mechanics that exist in golf and also logically make sense within the game, pretty nice.

Thanks, we tried hard to make the mechanics as self-explanatory as possible (though they get weirder as the game progresses :)

Really fun game!!! Included in the Racial Justice Bundle! The BGM is amazing, soothing, makes you feel like you have to run??? I found myself pushing through the levels. Sometimes I got stuck but figured them out eventually. Make sure to take a break here and there so that your brain doesn't get stressed out lol. 8.5/10!! 

Thanks! If you enjoyed the music, you can find the full OST here:

This is amazing, so glad to have discovered this in the Racial Justice bundle. Finally found a puzzle game to keep me occupied after finishing Baba Is You and Sokobond (will happily take other recommendations too).

Any chance of the Android .apk being part of the purchased bundle? Would love to play this on my phone, although I'm happy to throw the money your way of course.

Thank you for the kind words! It's always great to hear Golf Peaks compared to other great puzzle titles :)

Regarding the APK, we're still investigating putting it here but for the time being the game is available on the Play Store and in Google Play Pass:

A+ game. Great graphics, great sfx, great difficulty (hard enough to be challenging but not too hard to be frustrating). Great game all around. My only complaints are the mechanics don't work how you think they would sometimes, and the music can easily get repetitive. Sill would highly recommend. My favorite game I picked up on the bundle so far

Happy to hear that you enjoyed Golf Peaks so much :)


Fantastic little puzzle game with a unique theme and a simple premise. You have several movement cards to choose from and need to direct the ball into the goal. Sounds easy? It gets deviously tricky in the later levels and I had a blast playing through them. The introduced mechanics keep you on your toes and will require you to rethink new challenges and its very mesmerizing to pull off a carefully planned solution and watch your ball glide into the hole. Soothing, fun and highly recommended for puzzle game lovers. 4,5/5

More Racial Justice bundle impressions and ranking:

Thanks for the super positive review :)

Fantastic puzzle game, I've been consistently challenged and captivated throughout my playthrough. I only wish there was more! 

Glad you enjoyed it :)


Would we be able to get access to the APK here?

Hi, for now we're only offering the Android version on the Play Store: but we're looking into alternatives :)

I just downloaded this for iOS (10.15.4) after buying the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality, was excited to play it, but I only get a message saying this application can't be opened.  Do I need to download something additional in order to be able to open this game on my computer?

Hi, we're having some trouble with notarization on Catalina, but while we're figuring out these issues you should be able to get the game up and running by following this guide:

Let us know if it helped :)

This doesn't work for me, unfortunately.


Scratch that, got it working, but I needed to escape the space in Golf Peaks (chmod +x /Applications/Golf\*)

Glad to hear that it finally worked! Hope you enjoy the game :)

Thanks so much for this! I was having the same problem too.

This is a wonderful little puzzle game! Its design is slick, effective and pretty, and its levels all very clever. I especially liked the fact that, by world 6 or 7, I felt like I knew how the level designer was thinking and expecting me to do, a rare happenstance in these sort of games!


Happy to hear that you enjoyed the level progression :)

What a lovely game. I had fun with it; my teen and eight year old had fun with it. Even my three year old likes solving the basic world 1 and 2 levels.

Thanks, glad to hear that your little ones have also enjoyed it :)

Very cute, relaxing and later on even quite challenging! Was looking for a little game that I could just play for a round or two now and then...and it was perfect for that. Nice combination of minigolf and puzzles. c:


Thank you, happy to hear you liked it :)

Just picked this up on the bundle, after seeing it being played on a twitch stream. Absolutely love this gem of a game!!

Thanks, happy to hear you enjoyed it :)


Can we have a. Apk file or we have to buy it on playstore


Hi, for now we're only offering the Android version on the Play Store: but we're investigating alternatives.

Very nicely paced, it introduces new mechanics at the perfect rate. Always keeps you at the "ooh, I need to think this one through" point, never too hard.

Happy to hear you enjoyed it :)


Any chance to make it run on MacOs Catalina ?


Hi, we still need to investigate their recent changes to app building & notarization, but in the meantime you might be able to make it work by following this guide:

Let us know if it fixes the issue for you!

Wow, it did work, thanks !

Glad it works now! :)

Adding a comment to confirm that the solution on this page works in macOS Catalina (10.15.5). Thanks for posting a solution so I could enjoy your game!

Lovely little puzzle game, highly recommend giving it a go. Each world adds an interesting new mechanic to tickle your brain.

Thank you for the kind words, glad you enjoyed the game :)


Have you considered putting the .apk here too? Seems like a perfect mobile game!

Hi, we'll need to discuss this with the rest of the team and think about that, but for now the Android version is available on the Play Store:

Fantastic game. My wife thought me getting so many games was silly, but this one she was like, wow, that looks great. Thank you!

Thanks, glad to hear you both enjoyed it :)

I'm on world 3 right now... and this game is absolutely wonderful. 
I adore virtual golf and puzzle games, and this game is really easy to get into, but keeps you on your toes a bit with adding new things. So far there have been a few levels which have been a bit eh either because they just feel bland or they felt too easy compared to levels before and after them, but overall a fun game!!

Also the aesthetic and the music is absolutely baller. Love the very simple yet pleasing art style, and the music changing in certain worlds is super cool and helps make it not feel repetitive. 

Keep up the good work!

Aw, thank you! :)


I got this game as part of the Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality and it is fantastic!  I love the look of it.  The puzzles are fun and challenging.  Just an overall awesome puzzle game!

Thanks, glad you liked it :)

A good and polished game. I enjoyed it. Some levels are only lukewarm though. It lacks more levels which are fun to solve, involve more creative puzzles and new ideas.

I just purchased the game and downloaded the mac version but my mac is telling me that the application cannot be opened. What could be happening? Any help appreciated! :) 


I looked into the issue on a 2017 MacBook Air and the game launched fine, but you might need to grant a security exception to the app (because of the OSX security policies):

If that doesn't help, please let us know at

- Luke

From a terminal window type: sudo chmod +x "/Applications/Golf Peaks"

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I really want to buy that, but why is there no Linux port?
It's already on Android, so porting it to Desktop Linux shouldn't be a problem.



As mentioned to you on our Discord, doing a proper Linux version would force us to halt all other development (meaning, working on our current project) for an indefinite period of time (anywhere from a week to a month). Unfortunately, our team is not big enough to be able to keep working on new stuff while also delegating someone to research Linux support.

Since we are not using the platform ourselves and thus cannot really guarantee doing a proper native Linux port, we've opted not to make one. We've got accounts of people saying that they've had no issues emulating the game on Linux via Proton, but for obvious reasons we cannot give any guarantees of that working across all distributions and driver configurations.

- Luke

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