Golf Peaks - update 2.0 is out now!

Hi everyone! 

We have just released the big 2.0 update, and with it:

  • 2 new worlds, bringing the total amount of levels above 100!
  • proper gamepad support in the entire game (except for the resolution select prompt), 
  • new music and sounds,
  • new achievements, 
  • Italian language support, 
  • a ton of fixes and improvements!

We hope that you'll enjoy this content drop and if you happen to see any issues, please let us know at :)

The game will remain on sale (-33%) until February 15th, so now's a good time to grab it!

- Afterburn team


Golf Peaks WIN v2.01 43 MB
Feb 07, 2019
Golf Peaks MAC v2.01 46 MB
Feb 07, 2019

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