Deltapolis is a tiny simulation game where you swipe right or left to please the ancient gods and make your small Greek polis thrive. Balance between the expectations of your people and godly whims, and avoid extinction.

The citizens are minding their own business - making buildings, collecting food and making love. Your decisions can make that easier or more difficult. Maintain your small village as long as it's possible!

Created in 48h for Slavic Game Jam 2019 which took place on July 19-21st, 2019 in Warsaw, Poland. The game is a prototype, so expect a lot of bugs :)

Made by: Luke Spierewka (@Spierek), Weronika Grabowska (@wrnk), Laura Grabowska, Kamila Spierewka, Bartłomiej Sieczka (@ret44), Jakub Kulesza (@Aldymg9) and Paweł Laskowski (@AlterKot).

Sounds (

  • luckylittleraven - Harp sound
  • Frank1100 - Swipe sound
  • SpliceSound - Swipe sound
  • kwahmah_02 - Pop sound
  • Stumber - Thunder sound


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It's an interesting game, but it doesn't seem like there's a strict win condition aside from keeping the four gods and goddesses happy with requests, especially past the initial few cards. The four god affinity meters max out fairly quickly along with happiness and the wreath stat. Food seems like the main concern but there are plenty of cards given to deal with a large population and there doesn't seem to be much of a penalty for having food be low for an extended period.