Awww. Your cat is sleeping. Do you know what is cuter than a sleeping kitty? A sleeping kitty with things stacked on its head! 

Stack as many random objects as you can, take a photo before the tower falls apart and post it on social media to get likes and attention. But be careful! If something falls down, the kitten will wake up. And it's not gonna like that.

Developed for Garlic Jam 2019 by: Kamila Rusiecka, Weronika Grabowska, Bartłomiej Sieczka, Magdalena Kielar, Michał Błaszczyński, with help from Luke Spierewka

Fonts: Action Jackson by Divide by Zero, Samble by Setype (

Music: Estefania Romero-Cors

Sounds: Arek Victor; Bebeto, Insepctorj, Bubaproduce, Trautwein (


FluffTower Windows 21 MB
FluffTower macOS 23 MB

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