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neat, mobile release? =)

We're out on iOS and Android! :)


This is a fantastic puzzle game and believe my review reflects this:

Thanks for posting the review! :)

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Why doesn't it say anywhere that this is also on Switch? It doesn't even show up on the eshop savings app.

Hey, good point, updated the description with Switch and Android links. Not sure what you mean by the "eshop  savings app" though.

Hi and afterburn

in this price you are giving complete source code (project) for downloading or this is for playing on windows and mac

Hey, no source code or assets are included - you're only able to download ready executables for Win and Mac.

Will there be a level editor in the future?

Hey, we don't have any plans for that at the moment, but we'll do a proper announcement if anything changes :)

For now, please enjoy today's update adding 12 new, challenging levels!

reminds me of marble madness



Really great puzzler that uses some golf concepts, like resetting just before you fell into water, to evolve the mechanics in really fun and intuitive ways.

The card selection for which action might feel gimicky, but really it's a smooth way to select your actions and the game has a great flow to it. Especially with quality of life stuff like the last remaining action/card being automatically selected so you can quickly push through to the levels end.

Just really wish there were more levels. It feels like the mechanics there could have so many more levels built with them in mind, a level creator would just be the best.
Either way it was a fun and engaging couple hours with mechanics and ideas introduced at a steady pace, strongly recommended!


Glad you liked it.  We're planning to release more levels for free soon, so look forward to that :)


Wow, super excited for that :D. For free even is really generous, thanks a lot for your efforts :)!


Will be there an android version?

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Hey, we're looking into it but we don't have any specific plans at the moment :)

EDIT: it's out!

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Great game! Check out my video review to get an idea if it's for you!


Very nice game! I've play the beta on steam and I like it!

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it :)





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