You probably know a thing or two about hockey, maybe even have some knowledge about bowling, but have you heard about the brand new Olympic sport: KITTY CURLING? 

Grab your cat, slide 'em on your slippery floor and have them land near a bowl of snacks... because they're too lazy to get to the food on their own. Watch out for obstacles on the way and remember - a fed cat is a happy cat! 

Developed for Slavic Game Jam 2020 by: Łukasz Spierewka (@spierek), Kamila Spierewka, Weronika Grabowska (@wrnk), Weronika Chojna (@wernope)

Music by: Wiktoria Zac (

Sounds via

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(17 total ratings)
Authorsafterburn, Mirzka, wrnk
Made withUnity
TagsArcade, Casual, Cats, curling

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A purrfect game!

I also wanted to point out that most of the time when the camera closes up to the target i see a flicker like the following:

This is in Chromium for GNU/Linux.

Hi, thanks for the heads up. This is caused by the goal being rendered using a SpriteRenderer that's positioned barely above the floor so in some cases/angles it can cause Z-fighting due to math wonkiness.

For now we'll probably leave it as it is, but if we decide to expand this idea in the future we'll definitely fix it :)

Absolutely adorable game. Put a smile on my face and made me laugh! :)

Thank you, glad you had fun with it :)

Loved it!

Thanks! :)

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just by this comment below i imagine its a great game and it was


I really think you should polish this beauty and go with it to the publishers. Awesome work! :)

Thank you! :)