"Textiling" is minimalistic puzzle game about making a pattern by using correct pieces of material. Create requested textiles across several handcrafted levels.

Developed for Garlic Jam 2019 by: Luke Spierewka, Kamila Rusiecka, Weronika Grabowska

Fonts: Costura by Simon Wiesmayr (fontsquirrel.com) 

Music:  LoversHollow by Blue Dot Sessions (freemusicarchive.org)

Sounds: FunWithSound, strange_dragoon, waveplay old (freesound.org)


Textiling 1.0 (WIN) 22 MB
Textiling 1.0 (OSX) 21 MB


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Very good game ! Congratulations ! Maybe too difficult too soon.

Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Difficulty curve is definitely something that we'll need to look into if we're ever going to expand on this idea :)