Railbound v2.0 (Feb 3rd 2023) - Semaphore Update

Update 2.0 for Railbound is available now! We hope you have a great time with this free content patch as our team worked really hard on making it happen :)

We have added over 30 new puzzles (bringing the total number to 200+) across two new worlds - World 9 and World 10 - which have an ancient theming to them. As announced back in September, there's an all-new mechanic - semaphores - that allows you to decide how to delay cars in order to avoid crashes. You can also expect new story postcards and two new music tracks composed by a friend of ours.

World 9 was specifically designed to have a gentler difficulty curve for those players who haven't played Railbound since the launch in September - enjoy these lighter puzzles and warm up before World 10 throws you some of the most head-scratching levels in the game.

Patch notes for Railbound v2.0:

  • Added new worlds - World 9 and World 10,
    • These are set in a new, ancient-themed region!
    • Together there are over 30 new puzzles to solve, with 200+ levels total in the game!
  • Added a new mechanic - semaphores!
    • Place this new type of tile next to three-way connections to force train cars to wait!
  • Added new levels: #-9 and #-10,
  • Added new achievements for completing Worlds 9 / 10,
  • Added petting to final story postcard,
  • Updated app icon,
  • Updated decorations on 3-9 and 7-7,
  • Updated credits,
  • Fixed potential issues with Steamworks SDK not being uninitialized on application quit,
  • Fixed navigation buttons in Story Viewer being interactable when they should be disabled,


railbound-windows32.zip 66 MB
Version 2.0 (350) Feb 03, 2023
railbound-windows64.zip 69 MB
Version 2.0 (350) Feb 03, 2023
railbound-mac.zip 78 MB
Version 2.0 (350) Feb 03, 2023
Railbound.apk 85 MB
Version 2.0 (350) Feb 03, 2023

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